Stephanie (xwanderhome) wrote,

Pool Day

Today we planned to go to church and then meet up with my in-laws for a swimming date with the kids. This morning Richard couldn't get out of bed because he was up all night going in and out of the bathroom- so I was on my own. I actually managed to feed, dress, and ready all three kids with enough time for them to play around the house, get loaded into the car, and get to church with enough time to BACK MY CAR IN before my father-in-law, who literally lives around the corner, even got there.

After church we headed straight over to my in-laws and ate a few snacks, got into our suits, put on sunscreen and walked over to the community pool together. We swam until about 1:00PM and Sophia passed out in the stroller before we even made the 5-minute walk back to my in-laws' house. The big kids had another snack and drink and we headed home. Of course, Sophia woke up when I took her out of the car and placed her in her crib at home. So I said good night and walked out, and back asleep she was in less than 60 seconds.

Richard was feeling a bit better so I let him have the pleasure of nap time for the big kids, and here I am on the patio relaxing and checking my facebook.

Speaking of Facebook, did you read about the woman who shook her baby to death because the baby's cries were disrupting her Farmville game? I just about died when I read it. Horrible.
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