Stephanie (xwanderhome) wrote,

Lack of Daddying.

IT IS SO ANNOYING that my friend's husband refuses to be a good Dad to her four-year-old son. It was opening day for this baseball season. Richie and his friend were both playing t-ball for the first time. Our whole family came out, plus Grandma and Grandad and my aunt and uncle. My friend is the coach. Her husband decided he'd rather take his son to a parade in a different city than come to the opening day game for his four-year-old (of a different father, but he knows her husband as his only Daddy). It's so frustrating and heart-breaking and so my husband is the next best male role-model for him. It's not just the game- he doesn't come to any practices, and when he does show up, he pays no attention. He plays catch with his other, older son, and could give a rats ass about his 4-year-old.

Did I mention he's not very nice to his wife, either? I can't stand that he doesn't have a positive male figure in his life. He's only four-years-old! His mom is going out of town for the day today so I offered for him to stay the night at our house (Richie's spending the night at his Uncle's) so that I know he'll get attention and play time and he's just the sweetest little boy (besides my own, of course!).

Does anyone else ever feel the need to smack some other Dads in the face and say, "WAKE UP!"
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