Stephanie (xwanderhome) wrote,

Wow, November was my last entry..

Yep. I've been super busy, and blogging more than LJ-ing lately, since my family can't read my lj and they like to keep up with the kids. I find I get my opinions and comments from people reading my blog then I ever do on here anyway!

Yeah, I kind of feel like no one is interested in anything I say on here, and really the only reason I keep it around is 1)to read Lindsay's posts and 2)when I need to vent and don't want my thoughts public (like my blog).

The kids are doing swimmingly. Sophia continues to try and walk, and seems to not be discouraged at all by her daily failed attempts. She is still the happiest, cheerful baby on the planet. She's got the sweetest disposition ever, seriously. People always comment on how her eyes sparkle when she smiles- and it's true.

Richie is doing amazingly. He's growing, articulate, and hilarious. He's got a great sense of humor. He's a master manipulator. He's stubborn, giving, and caring. I'd venture to say I'm doing a pretty good job.

Lily is fantastic, although still struggling with her "terrible twos." The simplest things can turn into battles. At the same time, she can be super sweet. If this is a preview of her teenage years, I'm in trouble. She's getting better at cleaning up after her self, but regressing at bed time a little bit. We'll get there when she's ready.

I'm OK. The school semester is basically over, but I still have two finals to take. OH YAY. Seriously, I will be so happy when it's over. I'm so backed up with work and ugh, school is just killing me.
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