Stephanie (xwanderhome) wrote,

I just cry sometimes

So it's probably really ridiculous that I get incredibly depressed when Richard is gone. He's only gone since yesterday afternoon and will be back tomorrow evening. It may be a combination of stress from my school load, the kids, being behind on work, etc. But it just feels like everything would be okay and fine and dandy if Richard were just here.

My friend Sara, whose wedding we just went to, came over today and helped me manage the kids and clean a little bit. She went to the store and got pedialite for Sophia, gatorade for me, saltines, and apple juice for the kids. Seriously, she saved my life this afternoon because 1) I woke up at 3:30AM to vomit (not pregnant, I have my period [TMI], Richard gave me a nice bug right before he left for his cousin's wedding) and 2) Three kids with a sick Mom is not as much fun as it sounds. She had to leave around 4:30 to pick up Darren from work. Sophia is in the same boat as I am, with the whole throwing up thing- and has been napping on me, on and off, pretty much all day. She went to bed at 6:30PM tonight.

My sisters are coming to pick up Richie and Lily now to take them to their house to spend the night. This is a last minute decision- I originally asked my sister to come over after work to help me out with bed time so I could get to work on my MASSIVE paper due Monday. When she called me after work I just started crying uncontrollably about how lonely I am and how much work I have to do and how I just need some help with bed time tonight. She offered to just take the kids to her house, which I gladly accepted, and immediately felt a little relieved (Lily is going through an "I don't need to sleep EVER!" phase and it's killing me. Oh, she'll sleep fine for Auntie or Daddy or just about anyone else BUT me. Hopefully I can get the bulk of this paper written tonight after the kids leave, at least one part of it would be great (say, at least the History section).
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