Stephanie (xwanderhome) wrote,

Straight As!

I TOTALLY GOT STRAIGHT As THIS SEMESTER! Seriously, so excited. I don't know how the hell I pulled that one off. I was severely stressed all semester and must have had a million anxiety attacks, but wow I did it! I can hardly believe I got a 98.98% on the 23-page research paper I wrote (longest paper I've ever written or ever hope to write). I'm totally giving myself the hugest pat on the back right now, because I was so overwhelmed all semester long and am so relieved that it's over. I was totally going to be happy with C+s all around (as that's what I need for the classes to even count toward my degree). But, after lots of nights of tears and days of total exhaustion, I managed to get 3 As! I'm just ecstatic right now. I'm sure Richard is glad that all of my uber-craziness all semester really paid off. Still, definitely not taking 3 classes next semester, only two.

Three was just way too much for me to handle in a healthy way. I was over-stressed and felt depressed a good portion of the semester (I mean, I had thoughts about how I wished I weren't alive so I wouldn't have to write massive papers and fail all of my classes).
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