Stephanie (xwanderhome) wrote,

Sick Sick Sick

So I have this massive paper due in a few days, and Richard is out of town for the weekend. He was sick the past two days vomiting and low and behold, the night he leaves- I wake up at 3:30AM VOMITING. Seriously? I mean, seriously? Of course this would happen to me, the universe is against me when it comes to school and it makes me just want to cry. I have no help with the kids all weekend, since his parents are out of town too and I'm just a wreck. A sick Mommy and three young kids is not a great mixture. Oh, my Aunt and Uncle? Out of town starting tomorrow morning too. Could my life just give me a break? Doubtful. I'm praying I can wake my sister up early and let her be willing to give me a break to vomit and work on my paper.

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